OUP-Kitabon se Dosti:

Oxford University Press arranged a program on Kitabon se Dosti presented by Khaled Anum, who encouraged the students to develop the habit of reading. Participants from the Barki Campus were as follows:
Sr.#    Parent    Student(Grade)      
1    Mrs. Mahrukh Raja    Fatima(I)      
2    Ms. Sunbal Q. Butt    Filza(P.G)      
3    Mrs. Farhana Saeed    Hamza Hameed(IV)      
4    Mrs. Sobia Shehbaz    (I)      
5    Mrs. Shirazi    Fakhar Shirazi(VIII)     
The program was quite boosting & entertaining as the presenter sang different stories on guitar which caught up the children’s attention throughout.